Annual Report 1992

Nakano, K.

Reproduced Papers

1. Kajiyama, N., T. Masuda, H. Tatsumi and E. Nakano
Purification and Characterization of Luciferase from Firefly, Luciola cruciata and Luciola lateralis
 Reproduced by permission of Elsevier Scientific Publishers B. V.
2. Kamekura, M., Y. Seno, M. L. Holmes and M. L. Dyall-Smith
Molecular Cloning and Sequencing of the Gene for a Halophilic Alkaline Serine Protease (Halolysin) from an Unidentified Halophilic Archaea Strain (172P1) and Expression of the Gene in Haloferax volcanii
 Reproduced by permission of the American Society for Microbiology
3. Kamekura, M. and Y. Seno
Nucleotide Sequences of 16S rRNA Encoding Genes from Halophilic Archaea Halococcus morrhuae NRC16008 and Haloferax mediterranei ATCC33500
 Reproduced by permission of Oxford University Press
4. Oguma, T., M. Kikuchi and K. Mizusawa
Hydrolysis of branched cyclodextrins by a cyclodextrin-hydrolyzing enzyme from Bacillus sphaericus E-244
 Reproduced by permission of Elsevier Scientific Publishers B. V.
5. Saito, M., S. Kataoka, A. Nasu, N. Yamaji and A. Ichikawa
Studies on the Synthesis of Compounds Related to Adenosine 3′,5′-Cyclic Phosphate. IX. Synthesis and Cytotoxic Effect of Adenosine 3′,5′-Cyclic Alkylphosphoramidates
 Reproduced by permission of Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
6. Tatsumi, H., S. Murakami, R. F. Tsuji, Y. Ishida, K. Murakami, A. Masaki, H. Kawabe, H. Arimura, E. Nakano and H. Motai
Cloning and Expression in Yeast of a cDNA Clone Encoding Aspergillus oryzae Neutral Protease II, a Unique Metalloprotease
 Reproduced by permission of Springer Verlag
7. Tsuji, R. F., J. Magae, M. Yamashita, K. Nagai and M. Yamasaki
Immunomodulating Properties of Prodigiosin 25-C, an Antibiotic which Preferentially Suppresses Induction of Cytotoxic T Cells
 Reproduced by permission of the Japan Antibiotics Research Association
8. Tsuji, R. F., J. Magae, K. Nagai and M. Yamasaki
A Novel in Vivo Screening Method for Immunomodulating Substances: Development of an Assay System.
 Reproduced by permission of the Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry
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