Annual Report 2023

Grant project

NISR provides research grants to researchers in the field of applied biology for the purpose of developing the fermentation and brewing industry, and building a sustainable society.

1) 2023 NISR Research Grant

Toshiki FURUYA(Tokyo University of Science)
Production of valuable compounds using cultured plant cells and plant immunity₋activating endophytes

Yujiro HIGUCHI(Kyushu University)
Analysis of molecular mechanisms on nutrient source response in Aspergillus oryzae

Susumu KATSUMA(The University of Tokyo)
Identification of essential core machineries for baculovirus hyper expression system in insect cells

Shigeru KITANI(Aoyama Gakuin University)
Activation of cryptic secondary metabolisms in thermophilic streptomycetes for discovery of new natural products

Fumitaka KUDO(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Fermentation production of new polyketide compounds by engineered biosynthesis concerning protein₋protein interaction

Tsutomu SATO(Hosei University)
Development of a high protein accumulation system in Bacillus subtilis mother cell

Chise SUZUKI(Nihon University)
Interaction of cell surface glycans of Δspf1 strain involved in resistance to yeast killer toxin SMKT

2) 2023 NISR Young Investigator Research Grant

Yuki DOI(University of Tsukuba)
Regulation of gene expression for pterin degradation found in Cupriavidus sp. strain LA-1 and its application

Aoi KIMISHIMA(Kitasato University)
Mechanism analysis of a macrodiolide antibiotic produced by actinomycetes

Yoshiaki MAEDA(University of Tsukuba)
Comparative transcriptomics to elucidate the water₋surface floating mechanism of HIKARIMO

Daiki OIKAWA(Kyoto University)
Studies for suppressing the accumulation of intestinal putrefaction with sesame lignans

Shun SAITO(Keio University)
Analysis of thermotolerance enhancement mechanism of heat shock metabolite (HSM) produced by actinomycete

3) 2023NISR Sustainable fields Research Grant

Seigo AMACHI(Chiba University)
Development of a novel soil disinfestation method based on middle chain fatty acid produced by Clostridium sp. strain E801

Yuki HONDA(Nara Women’s University)
The light₋to₋chemical energy conversion for hydrogen production using biologically₋precipitated metal sulfide semiconductor

Hisashi KAWASAKI(The University of Tokyo)
Development of a method to discover exporters for valuable compounds, and exploration and improvement of exporters

4) 2022 NISR Research Grant

Kenji KAI(Osaka Metropolitan University)
Creation and exploratory research of the longest bacterial polyynes with a pentayne structure

Tomohisa KUZUYAMA(The University of Tokyo)
Discovery of novel fungal terpene synthases and their production

Chiho MINAKUCHI(The University of Tokyo)
How do the bacterial members interact with each other in a pyrene-degrading consortium?

Keisuke OBARA(Nagoya University)
Elucidation of lipid asymmetry signaling for the prevention of fungal infections

Tomohiro SHIMADA(Meiji University)
Control of novel energy production by anaerobic respiration using citrate via a citrate-responsive two-component system

Kan TANAKA(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Regulatory mechanism of expression of chaperone protein genes (hsp genes) in cyanobacteria

Yota TSUGE(Kanazawa University)
Identification of metabolic bottlenecks of microorganisms during cultivation at under high temperatures

Hiroya YURIMOTO(Kyoto University)
Regulatory mechanism of gene expression depending on the methanol concentration in the yeast used for heterologous protein production

5) 2022 NISR Young Investigator Research Grant

Chihiro KADOOKA(Sojo University)
Elucidation of the mechanism underlying capsular polysaccharide biosynthesis in Cryptococcus neoformans

Akira NISHIMURA(Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
Clarification of inhibitory mechanism of proline utilization in fermentations and its application

Yoshihiro TOYA(Osaka University)
Application of a light-inducible metabolic switch for enhancing bio-production in microorganisms

6) 2022 NISR Sustainable fields Research Grant

Kengo INOUE(University of Miyazaki)
Development of microbial fuel cells using microorganisms not eliminated by indigenous bacteria

Masahiro ITO(Toyo University)
Enhancement of cesium-ion-uptake function of membrane vesicles and establishment of ion recovery technology

Masafumi KAMEYA(The University of Tokyo)
CO2-based biopolymer synthesis and elucidation of a novel biopolymer degradation pathway

7) 2021 NISR Research Grant

Teigo ASAI(Tohoku University)
Discovery of cryptic fungal natural products using genome rearrangement

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