Annual Report 2019

I.Achievement of Research Activities in 2019


E. Kan, Y. Katsuyama, J. Maruyama, K. Tamano, Y. Koyama, Y. Ohnishi
Production of the plant polyketide curcumin in Aspergillus oryzae: strengthening malonyl-CoA supply for yield improvement
Biosci, Biotechnol, Biochem., 83: 1372-1381 (2019)

Y. Shinohara, I. Nishimura, Y. Koyama
Identification of a gene cluster for biosynthesis of the sesquiterpene antibiotic, heptelidic acid, in Aspergillus oryzae
Biosci, Biotechnol, Biochem., 83: 1506-1513 (2019)

M. Zhuang, Z.-M. Zhang, L. Jin, B.-T. Wang, Y. Koyama, F.-J. Jin
The bHLH transcription factor DevR significantly affects polysaccharide metabolism in Aspergillus oryzae
Appl. Environ. Microbiol., DOI: 10.1128/AEM.00089-19 (2019)

E. Kan, Y. Katsuyama, J. Maruyama, K. Tamano, Y. Koyama, Y. Ohnishi
Efficient heterologous production of atrochrysone carboxylic acid-related polyketides in an Aspergillus oryzae host with enhanced malonyl-CoA supply
J. Gen. Appl. Microbiol. accepted (2019)

II.Grant project

NISR has started a new project, which supports a research fund in the field of applied biology for the purpose of developing the fermentation and brewing industry.

1) 2019 NISR Research Grant

Hisashi HEMMI(Nagoya University)
Microbial production of isoprenoid using the archaeal mevalonate pathway

Takane KATAYAMA(Kyoto University)
Host-microbe interplay analysis using “apical anaerobic chamber”, a device that enables co-culture of anaerobic gut microbes and host epithelial cells

Takahiro SHINTANI(Tohoku University)
A decease in secretory protein mRNAs under endoplasmic reticulum stress in filamentous fungi: Toward elucidation of the mechanism and application to a protein secretory production

Hirokazu SUZUKI(Tottori University)
Specific bioproduction using thermophilic cells that produce mesophilic enzymes under temperate conditions

Norio TAKESHITA(University of Tsukuba)
Diversity and specificity of fungal-bacterial interaction

Kenji UEDA(Nihon University)
Unveiling CO2 stimulon underlying microbial community

2) 2019 NISR Young Investigator Research Grant

Taiki FUTAGAMI(Kagoshima University)
Functional analysis of putative citrate transporter CitT responsible for the ability to produce citric acid in the koji fungi

Development of interspecies genome recombination method using cell fusion and CRISPR/Cas9 technique

Shunsuke MASUO(University of Tsukuba)
Novel biosynthesis pathway for aniline derivatives

Atsushi MINAMI(Hokkaido University)
Studies on the biosynthetic enzymes of abscisic acid toward fermentation production

Takahiro MORI(The University of Tokyo)
Biosynthetic study and production of novel fungal meroterpenoids

Masato TAKAHASHI(University of Tsukuba)
Analysis and application of the influence of accumulating CO2 in the headspace during shake-flask culture on microorganism and microbial community

3) 2018 NISR Research Grant

Hideki AOYAGI(University of Tsukuba)
Development of an effective method for isolating and culturing non-cultureable microbes using a specialized cellulose sheet

Shumpei ASAMIZU(The University of Tokyo)
Biosynthesis and mechanism of action of a sideromycin class antibiotic from Streptomyces sp

Yoshiharu INOUE(Kyoto University)
Role of the TOR signaling pathway in the freeze-thaw stress response in yeast

Youhei YAMAGATA(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Identification of transcription factors and their DNA binding sequences controlling acid protease production

4) 2018 NISR Young Investigator Research Grant

Takashi FUJISHIRO(Saitama University)
Development of an Escherichia coli-based whole-cell catalyst expressing metalloenzymes capable of anaerobic CO2 fixation

Yuki HONDA(Nara Women’s University)
A light-driven NAD(P)H regeneration system for microbial bio-production

Daisuke IMAMURA(Hosei University)
Development of a bioreactor system using Bacillus subtilis spores

Emi KUNITAKE(Mie University)
G-protein/cAMP signaling pathway-mediated repression of genes encoding polysaccharide-degrading enzymes in filamentous fungi

Ken-Ichi OINUMA(Osaka City University)
Identification and analysis of a hydrazide-degrading enzyme from mycobacteria

5) 2017 NISR Young Investigator Research Grant

Kei NANATANI(Tohoku University)
Structural and functional analyses of bacterial organic acid exporters for the efficient fermentative production of organic acids

6) 2016 NISR Research Grant

Kentaro TAKADA(The University of Tokyo)
Functions of a novel signal molecule inducing sporulation in Streptomyces species

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